Gearbox announces Project 1v1, a first-person shooter / card-game hybrid


The developers of Borderlands and Brothers in Arms, Gearbox Software, seem to be creating something new and a little bit weird.

News is spreading across the interwebs that Gearbox Software are ready to spill the beans on their newest IP - allegedly a first person shooter with elements of all that card game meta we've all come to love - now named Project 1v1. It is tentatively being called Project 1v1 and it's described as bringing "the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectable card game", according to the official website.

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The technical test will include three game modes: Ranked, Challenge, and Arena. Arena, on the other hand, puts players in a queue to take down the current champion of the Arena in order to sit on the throne. Victories in any of these modes will reward the player with loot crates containing new cards along with experience points. Because the servers are based in North America, Gearbox warns that worldwide players may experience decreased performance.

Project 1v1 will see a closed technical test in the coming months. Challenge is just playing against your friends, without any ranking going on. But that isn't stopping it from trying to innovate once again, and now it's introduced a new game that offers a unique take on the first-person shooter. Gearbox is also working on Borderlands 3 but details are practically non-existent when it comes to the anticipated sequel.