Venezuelan Parliament Repudiates Installation of Constitutional Assembly The Parliament also denounced the


The sanctions freeze any assets the individuals may have in the us and prevent Americans from doing business with the Venezuelans.

The US has added the eight new names to the list of officials who were sanctioned last month, including Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro for their roles in the Constituent Assembly elections which the US called "illegitimate".

While most Venezuelan officials wear US sanctions as a badge of honor - and are frequently rewarded with promotions as a result - Maduro faces a far greater threat if Trump follows through on economic sanctions against the OPEC nation.

The spat came just days after regional trade bloc Mercosur suspended Venezuela indefinitely, accusing Maduro of human rights violations and urging him to dismantle a newly created pro-government constituent assembly. But, as the CMC reported, while there has been no public acceptance from the Opposition of the Caricom offer, President Maduro, in letter dated July 7 to Prime Minister Mitchell, welcomed the offer and proposed a "working meeting" in Venezuela on either July 11 or 12 to discuss the matter.

More than 120 people have died in protests since April, the United Nations said. Met by rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas fired by the National Guard, the protesters say the crisis demands an early presidential election that they are sure Maduro would lose.

With Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro facing criticism from around Latin America and the world amid a deepening political crisis, Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona said he was willing to fight for the embattled leftist regime.

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As the economic and political situation deteriorates in the Latin American country, with close to 130 people killed in anti-regime protests, worldwide condemnation of the leftist government of Caracas has increased, with the United States slapping Maduro himself with direct sanctions. That same day Maduro ousted Attorney General Luisa Marvelia Ortega Diaz, who had ordered an investigation into possible fraud in the Constituent Assembly vote.

The latest US sanctions stopped short of a more significant penalty that has been under consideration: banning imports of Venezuelan oil, which accounts for 95 percent of the country's foreign-currency earnings.

The expansion of the sanctions list comes as Maduro works to consolidate power and oust political enemies.

"It is without a doubt today's most pertinent forum for dialogue", he said.

At the same time, almost 2,000 people have been injured, while more than 5,050 people have been arbitrarily arrested, with over 1,000 reportedly still in detention, it said.

Along with those six, the Treasury Department sanctioned Tania D'Amelio Cardiet, rector of the National Electoral Council; And Colonel Bladimir Lugo Armas, the military commander of the command installed in the Legislative Palace. It has authority to rewrite the constitution and allow Maduro to rule by decree.