United States seeks 'effective' ties with China's military


U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday authorized an inquiry into whether to investigate China's alleged theft of American intellectual property, declaring it "a very big move" while the country's largest business lobby group urged the two countries to resolve differences.

The latest step follows the opening by the Trump administration of several other investigations into Chinese commercial practices, notably in the steel sector.

China accounts for about 90 percent of North Korea's total trade and supplies a huge amount of food and energy.

According to the state-run New China News Agency, Xi reiterated China's desire to work with the US, citing "common interests" in preserving stability in the region.

"There is no future and no victor in a trade war and both sides will be the losers", the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned Monday.

The decision was announced on Monday after days of loud sabre-rattling by US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's regime, which has raised global alarm about where the crisis is headed.

The impending investigation will be accomplished to determine if China is taking the intellectual property of USA companies and benefitting from it. "Yet this essential aspect is conspicuously absent in the US's narrative".

But a veteran trader based at the port of Rizhao who deals in coking coal and anthracite and a Beijing-based iron ore trader with a company that handles North Korean iron ore said the government stopped issuing permits to bring in iron ore several weeks ago.

A previous report from the Global Times stated that China will not help North Korea if it attacks the US first.

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"Hopefully Trump will find another path. Things will become even more hard if Beijing and Washington are pitted against each other".

However, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that Kong had taken Wu, but that there was no link between the appointment and the tense situation on the Korean peninsula.

The Chinese government has announced that it will stop all imports of North Korean coal and other items under the latest United Nations sanctions.

In an editorial on Monday, the state-run newspaper China Daily said the investigation will "poison" relations and warned the Trump administration not to make a rash decision it could regret.

This is as Beijing moves to implement United Nations sanctions announced earlier this month.

Trump's call with Xi and his potential plans to open the broad trade investigation come against the backdrop of rising tensions over North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

However, both Russian Federation and China has urged all parties involved to resume the six-party talks to resolve the crisis after the tensions escalated with North Korea test-launching two suspected ICBMs in July.

Still, Chinese leaders oppose blocking all trade with the impoverished North, which they argue might cause widespread hunger.