Google Finally Releases Web Version Of Allo, But Here's The Catch


Allo on the web works differently to messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Google's own Hangouts.

With this, users will now be able to use Assistant, the witty personal assistant from Google that debuted on the chat app past year, on the web, something that had so far not been possible.

Once you scan the code, Allo should sync up with your Android phone and get you up-to-date on conversations within the browser.

For now, Google Allo on the web is only available to those using Android devices and on the Chrome web browser. So now that Allo is available for the browser, will you give it a try? Until Google offers proper SMS in Allo, the app will continue to wither in the Play Store, with or without a web interface.

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When you head to Allo Web's page, you're greeted by the screen you can see above. Scan the QR code you see appear on the website and you'll gain entry to the Allo web app. All of your conversations will now pop up on the screen, be showing a status that you're signed into it. Likewise, if you're intentionally blocking the Allo app from running in the background on your Android handset for any reason, you'll need to stop doing so if you're planning on using Allo For Web.

According to a report published on TechCrunch, Google Allo's web version uses a pairing process similar to what WhatsApp has. So, if your phone runs out of battery or if you exit the mobile app, Google Allo for web won't work. Then you will need to open Allo on your Android Phone. The web version retains nearly all the functions including smart replies, sticker, emoji and most importantly, the Google Assistant.

What would it take for you to start using Allo? You can even access the sticker gallery to download more sticker packs. This is because the Allo app on your phone has to pair to the web client in order for the latter to work.