U.S. anti-hate demonstrators topple Confederate statue


During the rally on August 14, 2017, protesters surrounded the base of the statue, which depicts a Confederate soldier wielding a muzzle rifle and lugging a canteen and bedroll and is dedicated "in memory of the boys who wore gray".

The Durham protest came in response to the weekend's violent white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a young woman was killed when a nationalist drove his auto into a group of peaceful counter-protesters. My stomach sank to learn that a peaceful counter-protester had been killed and many others injured as the hatred morphed into violence.

In the interview Monday, he maintained that the Civil War did not start over slavery.

"Some people cling to the belief that the Civil War was fought over states' rights".

Durham County sheriff's deputies have arrested a woman for allegedly having taken part in pulling down the Confederate Soldiers Monument on Monday during a protest in response to a recent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, local media reported. Seconds after the monument fell, protesters - some white, some black - began kicking the crumpled bronze monument as dozens cheered and chanted.

Defenders of preserving the Confederate symbols argue that they serve as a reminder of a proud Southern heritage, and that removing them is effectively a way of erasing history.

Writing in an article on the website Medium.com, Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday, "It's time to move forward". Spokespeople for GOP House and Senate leaders didn't immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

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State lawmakers responded to a previous push to remove the bust in the aftermath of the slaying of nine black churchgoers in SC by passing the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act.

It was unclear this week whether any person or group had asked the Historical Commission for permission to move or remove a monument. However, in North Carolina, state lawmakers passed a measure banning municipalities from removing these statues. But like most Confederate war shrines, this oxidized green statue wasn't erected during Reconstruction as a way to honor those men who died in battle. The remains of Forrest and his wife are buried under the statue. He does not want that to happen in Durham, he said.

But the anti-Confederate momentum seemed to ensure that other memorials would come down soon. "No fascist United States of America!" as several protesters use a rope to pull down the statue of an anonymous Confederate soldier.

In Baltimore, Mayor Catherine Pugh said she's ready to tear down all of her city's Confederate statues, and the city council voted to have them destroyed.

The statue has also been tagged with graffiti several times in the past few years, including with "black lives matter" and "native land".

An obvious question might be, if the Herald-Sun was able to identify the groups at the rally, and all it takes is a simple Wikipedia search to identify some of these groups as hardcore communist, socialist, or leftist, why were the police apparently caught off guard? Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham.

Along with the still-pending waiver application to have Forrest's statue removed, McMullen told the paper the city plans to apply for a waiver to pull a monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis from a park.