Google adds new version control features to Docs


Google has announced new tools for Docs, Slides and Sheets for G Suite introducing better real time collaboration tools to help keep your team on track. You can check out how that could be valuable in the GIF below, which shows off the new capability to only display the newly-namable versions of a Doc.

New Google updates in G Suite will improve collaboration and version control in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You'll also finally be able to give suggestions from mobile devices, just in case you're struck by inspiration on the go or have to quickly give input on new changes remotely. Click the three dots menu in the bottom right of your Doc screen to suggest edits on-the-go by toggling "Suggest changes" to enter "suggestion mode".

Name previous versions of a Doc, Sheet or Slide.

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To save time when reviewing punctuation edits, users can now approve or reject all edit suggestions at once in the apps. "These templates allow you to customize and deploy tools specific to your organization's workflows", the post said. The first feature is the ability to preview documents with or without suggested edits; to access these options select Tools Review suggested edits Preview accept all, or Preview reject all. Lastly, with regards to version control, you can use the Litera Change-Pro and Workshare addons to compare documents and review relines instantly. One of the templates from LegalZoom and DocuSign, for example, offers an outline for a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA). For example, one of the templates is a standard NDA form that can collect signatures using the DocuSign add-on for Google Docs. Cloud Search uses machine intelligence to surface relevant information to help you get your work done more efficiently.

With templates, users can now save time on formatting, while developers can build add-ons to customise functionality.

And lastly, Docs and Slides are today getting new and improved search features thanks to integration of Google Cloud Search into the Explore feature. For G Suite Business and Enterprise customers, Google's Cloud Search will be integrated right into Docs and Slides via the Explore tab on the right-hand side, meaning you can access information across Google apps without having to leave your document.