Google Launches Q&A Feature for Google Maps and Mobile Search


Google is testing "Search Lite, ' a lighter version of its original "Search" app that is designed for areas with slow internet connections".

Lite versions of apps which take up less data and space are pretty common these days, with big names like Facebook and Twitter hopping on the bandwagon.

It led to a whole new world of Lite apps!

The Search Lite is the new app to hit the Google Play Store.

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But this time the market appears to be Indonesia, not India. Compared to the Western regions like US, UK, these countries have limited access to data and internet availability is very sparse.

Google's Search app on Android has been more than just a native interface for the company's flagship product for years now - opening it instantly provides you with info about traffic, weather, as well as whatever interests its algorithms have detected. The translate feature will now help users to search for content by simply typing or speaking.

This will not be the first occasion when Google has launched a lighter version of its apps. The feature is looking to have great potential to establish and build communities not only for business purposes but also for sharing common ideas and interests.

Google's new all works like the classic Search app. Users can make text and voice searches, but the search bar is at the bottom of the display and the user can find out some suggested keyword additions on top of it. Users can change between a couple of languages by swiping the main app's page sideways. they can even personalise the apps and remove the ones that they do not need.