Submarine Owner Says Missing Journalist 'Buried At Sea'


Madsen has been charged with negligent manslaughter and police believe he deliberately sank the submarine.

Kim Wall, a missing Swedish journalist, died in an accident aboard a homemade submarine, its owner Peter Madsen said, and then he buried her at sea.

"The investigations confirm that the sinking of the submarine was allegedly a outcome of a deliberate act", according to Copenhagen police, the New York Post reported.

The case is not open to the public to protect further investigation, police said. When Wall did not come home, her boyfriend contacted the police and reported her missing.

Madsen, the private submarine's owner, had invited the 30-year-old journalist on a short voyage on the night of August 10, but Wall, who had been researching a story on Madsen, was later reported missing.

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A recovery effort for Wall's body along the route described by Madsen in in Koge Bay was undertaken over the weekends, with divers, boats outfitted with sonar equipment, and helicopters sent to the area, but the search continues.

The Danish Navy rescued Mr Madsen from the vessel as it sunk in waters close to Copenhagen on August 11, after its brief disappearance launched a search mission. She had reported from all over the world, including from North Korea, Sri Lanka and the Marshall Islands.

A DANISH Inventor has sensationally claimed a Swedish journalist died in a mysterious "accident" on his submarine and that he dumped her body overboard.

Mr Madsen, an entrepreneur, artist, submarine builder and aerospace engineer, went before a judge on Saturday for preliminary questioning.

Just after being found, Madsen was rescued and the submarine suddenly sank. When the vessel was recovered, Wall's body was not found on it.