Bobby Roode debut, Shelton Benjamin returns, AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens


The glorious one has departed from NXT, with his first match on Smackdown LIVE being a face-off against Aiden English.

After Roode dodges English's attempt at a senton from the top rope, the Glorious One hits the Drama King with the Glorious DDT to pick up the win in his first match on the WWE main roster. Backstage, Daniel Bryan spoke with Chad Gable and apologized for Gable losing his tag team partner Jason Jordan to "Raw".

The best part of this team-up though? New Day was nowhere to be seen. Thank the McMahons for small miracles. Just as surprising is what didn't happen Sunday night.

Non-Title: The Usos def.

Taylor Swift Shares Mysterious Teaser Video
Ed Sheeran him, was a time deleted his Twitter account after being criticized for its passage in the hit series Game of Thrones . Taylor Swift's official Facebook page, which has over 70 million followers, shows the same blank page as with the others.

Below is new video of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers talking to Dasha Fuentes after the win over Shinsuke Nakamura at SummerSlam last night. Shinsuke got the win after hitting a move off the second rope and putting a submission hold on one of the Singh Brothers. Nakamura fought back and hit the Kinshasa. With Carmella at he side, the Queen of Harts engaged in a hard-fought battle and oh f*** it's another angle for James Ellsworth to get involved and come on this joke has long since expired WWE.

Dolph Ziggler backstage interview. And he's promising that next week, he'll be acting like the true star that he is with some big changes on the way.

Naomi and Becky Lynch teamed up to take on the new women's champion Natalya and "Ms. Money in the Bank" Carmella. Following his victory at SummerSlam, what's next for Jinder Mahal? Shane McMahon couldn't seem to get out of the way in the United States Championship match.And, after beating John Cena a week ago, clean, Nakamura seemed like the favorite going into SmackDown main event at SummerSlam. Owens wanted a special referee and Styles was fine with it because he can beat him and it doesn't matter to him who the referee is.

That led to dirtier play from Owens, as he took advantage of Corbin's lack of fair play, prompting Commissioner Shane McMahon to rush out in an attempt to restore the match to an impartial state. AJ Styles let Corbin know that he could answer his "US Open Challenge" if Styles was the victor, and Owens told Corbin he'd give him first shot at the title if he was the victor.