Are Diplomatic Visits Underway For Iran and Saudi Arabia?


Qatar's Foreign Ministry announced on August 24 that its ambassador would "return to resume his diplomatic duties", without specifying an exact date for the ambassador's return or providing his name.

However, it said that Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani has discussed "mutual ties and ways of reinforcing and developing them" in a phone call with his Iranian opposite number Mohammad Javad Zarif. That closeness, along with Qatar's alleged...

The emirate recalled its ambassador in 2016 when Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked after Saudi Arabia executed a leading Shia Muslim cleric.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of fomenting unrest in the Arab world.

"As the foreign ministry [Zarif] earlier declared, promoting cooperation and prioritizing the enhancement of all-out ties with neighbouring countries will be one of our basic or "super" priorities in foreign policy during President Rouhani's new term in office", added the spokesman. Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states have been blockading Qatar since early June and have demanded that Qatar curb its ties with Iran, as well as shut down its al-Jazeera television network and expel extremists from its territory. Zarif said final steps to allow the visits likely would be taken after the annual hajj pilgrimage at the end of the month. Qatar refused to bow to the demands within a 10-day deadline, and the anti-Qatar bloc has begun to shift its focus toward six principles on combating extremism and terrorism.

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Senegal has reinstated its ambassador to Qatar in a bid to encourage the resolution of a dispute between Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies and Doha, the foreign ministry said. Attempts by Kuwait, the USA and others have failed to make headway.

Two weeks later, Sadr followed up by holding talks in Abu Dhabi with its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, strongman of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and close ally of his counterpart in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

But Sheikh Abdullah has no role in Qatar's government and his last position was as head of the equestrian and camel racing federation decades ago.

"We will do everything we possibly can to support your effort", he added, addressing the Iraqi and Saudi officials gathered there. "I think the informal pressure is increasing because of the lack of formal alternative measures they can realistically hope to place on Qatar".