Dad charged after girl, 3, found shot dead


A DAD of a three-year-old girl found dead of a gunshot wound to the neck has been charged with firearm offences. One shot was sacked, police say.

According to reports, a man inside the house was heard screaming that a child was dead and that she had shot herself.

It's believed the young girl was inside the family home with her mother and three young siblings, aged between three and eight, at the time of the shooting.

Australian authorities would not say whether any of them witnessed the shooting at about 20:00 local time (10:00 GMT) on Sunday.

"The death of a three-year-old child under any circumstances is tragic".

The girl's father of Arncliffe was charged today with possessing an unregistered sawn-off shotgun.

Parents at the school where the little girl's brothers attend mourned the loss of a "beautiful little girl".

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"Not my baby girl, not my baby girl", the mother screamed as she raced from the house, levelling blame at the girl's father, neighbours recalled.

"The mum came into the house and it was chaotic and all of that", he told the Telegraph.

"She was just saying it was his fault, he shouldn't have had a gun in the house".

Footage shows the mother yelling at the girl's father and placed in an Ambulance.

The man, who did not live at the house, was also charged with contravening domestic violence orders, however he has not been charged with the girl's death.

Another mum said she was "beautiful" and a "sweet" girl.