Destiny 2 beta weighs 16GB on the PC


Destiny 2 PC Beta has started and here we are going to look at the settings that you can play around with in the game. According to Bungie Support, the Chive error may be the result of players not having updated drivers, so double check everything is updated before trying again.

Thanks to YouTuber "MyNameisByf", you won't have to play through all of Destiny or its numerous expansions to grasp the universe's vast history and lore. PC players who have been longing to jump into some Destiny action will be happy to know that Destiny 2 is worth the wait. Other games from Blizzard such as Overwatch came with region restraints as well, a history that led players to anticipate similar circumstances for Destiny 2.

In Control players attempt to take and hold three points across a map.

Whether you pre-ordered or not, the beta can be installed and launched through the Battle.Net desktop app, and requires 14.8 gigabytes of your hard disk drive. If players launch the Beta client directly from the executable, they may receive an error message or the Destiny 2 Beta client may become unresponsive. The game will be coming to consoles starting September 6th but will be released for PC on October 24.

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The dual rear lenses on the Note8 both have optical image stabilisation (aka the tech that allows you to take less blurry photos). Also, the Note 8 supports the Gear VR headset and DeX station for using your phone as the brain of a desktop PC-like experience.

Players are able to rebind their keys in such a way that conflicting behaviors may occur in-game.

Windowed Fullscreen may sometimes not hide the taskbar.

After making some adjustments after the Destiny 2 console beta, developer Bungie has launched the Destiny 2 PC beta on August 28.

Moving the Beta window between a 4K and 1080p monitor may result in the application crashing.