When: Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017


During the eclipse, 14 states across the US were in the path of totality and experienced more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day - with a partial eclipse viewable all across North America.

Thousands of tourists flocked to OR to stand in the "path of totality" - a 70-mile-wide swath of land stretching from OR to SC - to watch the moon slide between the earth and sun on Monday.

People near the area of totality of the Great American Eclipse were treated to an incredible sight on Monday, as the sky was engulfed in total darkness.

Unless it was rainy and cloudy, there was a good chance you'd see at least a partial eclipse somewhere in the country. A video submitted to WHSV by Patrick Flanagan, showing a timelapse of the eclipse over Silver Lake, can also be watched above. A total eclipse is when the moon totally blocks our view of the sun.

Traveling a different path from the 2017 eclipse, the total eclipse will be visible in Mexico, the central USA and east Canada, with a partial eclipse visible across North and Central America.

According to a projection created by TimeAndDate.com, the full total eclipse in Batavia will last 223 seconds between 3:19 p.m.to 3:22 p.m. that Monday and a partial eclipse for almost two and a half hours. But once you put on the glasses, you could see the moon covered about a quarter of the sun.

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Wanda Spruill of Leicester recalled watching the 1979 eclipse through a pinhole projector.

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"You think the planets are so far off and not changing, but a moment like this ... it makes it that much more real", said Sweeney, a geology major at SUNY Geneseo, who wore a blue shirt with the NASA logo for the occasion. "I've never experienced anything like it".

Lisa Kaczmarczyk of DeKalb (left), her daughter Regina, 12, and their neighbor Dylan Callaghan, 15, wear solar eclipse glasses to observe the partial solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21.

"It just looks really cool", she said.

Many people failed to plan ahead and so were unable to obtain the special safety glasses, which look very much like the cardboard 3D glasses worn for movies like "Avatar" and "jurassic Park III". Those that stayed around were able to get glimpses through breaks in the clouds. Even the President took a few minutes to don a pair of eclipse glasses.

"It's a once in a life time experience", Burritt said. Totality is expected to come through southern Ontario and Quebec. This debris came together forming our moon which orbits in the Earth's gradational force and reflects back to us on Earth the light of the sun.

If you missed Monday's total solar eclipse, you are in luck.

The eclipse quickly approached totality and the sun shrank down to a sliver.

A crowd watches a live stream of NASA's online coverage of the "Great American Eclipse" at the central branch of the Newport Beach Public Library on Monday.