IPhone 8 reportedly ditching home button in favor of gesture controls


With Apple expected to eliminate the concept of a home button entirely and effectively turn its flagship iPhone into one big screen, numerous classic iPhone user interactions will have to change along with it.

New rumours indicate that in an effort to accommodate the predicted removal of the home button and a almost bezel-less display, Apple could be planning to utilize the new screen "notch" that sits between the phone's camera and its sensors in a unique way.

When will it be released?

If true, it's also not the first time Apple has chosen September 12 for launching iPhone devices. Last year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were announced on September 7 at an event in San Francisco, and preorders began at 3:01 a.m. ET on September 9 in the U.S. It appears that the Apple iPhone 8 will be a momentous event as the rumors and leaked specs and features about the possible unprecedented features have been swirling around over the worldwide web for months.

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The phone is also rumoured to feature wireless charging thanks to new design features being built into the phone. Since the home button is no more, TouchID no longer has a home (pun intended).

The world is still reeling from Apple's decision to snip the headphone port off iPhone 7 - but a bigger change could be incoming. AAPL is expected to unveil three new iPhone devices at the event.

Samsung - Apple's closest rival - launched its flagship Galaxy S8 this summer with the slogan, "Unbox your phone" - referring to the "box" at the edges of the screen. Seventy per cent of iPhone owners said they wouldn't switch phone brands, making it a lot more likely people will buy the high-priced device simply because change is hard. Hopefully, Apple will deliver on everything that their fans expect to see in the upcoming iPhone 8. Shrinking sales, while not hurting Apple due to its massive cash coffers, revealed that the company may have lost the sense of innovation that was its foundation during the years with Steve Jobs at the helm. The so-called notch houses a number of important sensors for biometric authentication, as well as the phone's front-facing camera, but many were hoping that Apple would opt to to hide the notch by blending it with a dark status bar. In addition, iPhone 8 is said to be equipped with innovative features and high-end hardware specs which make it worth its price tag.