Taylor Swift makes biggest YouTube debut ever with new music video


It turns out the bathtub full of diamonds in Swift's new "Look What You Made Me Do" music video was authentic, chock full of loaned pieces from celebrity jeweler Neil Lane.

There's a ton of information swirling out there about what each aspect of Taylor's video actually means, including an unconfirmed theory that the bathtub scene in question is a call-back to Kim Kardashian's terrifying robbery at gunpoint in Paris last October.

Slytherin has a new heir apparent with Swift sitting on a throne with snakes coiling around her, referencing the snake emoji Kim Kardashian used to describe the singer.

The "Look What You Made Me Do" video shows Swift decked out in a number of snake rings.

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The robbers were first reported to have stolen around $11 million worth of jewels, although the value of the items was later reported to be less than that. In addition, the song itself has been widely reported to be a Kanye West dis track.

Though the music video is accredited with groundbreaking views, it has some way to go before it breaks the all-time YouTube music video held by Latin singer Luis Fonsi's 2017 global hit "Despacito", - it surpassed the 3 billion mark in early August, according to Reuters.

The immediate success of the first single off her new album, Reputation, bodes well for Swift, who will release her first album in three years in November.

The New Taylor stands atop a mountain of Old Taylors, and brings them all together at the end, mocking old versions of herself, her public image and the criticism she's received.