Trump expected to rescind Obama-era immigration policy


That is the chief conclusion of a study published by the journal Science on Thursday, as the Trump administration deliberates whether to eliminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era program that is shielding almost 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation.

According to Fox News, a senior administration official said that the immigration program could end as early as Friday.

The idea of allowing the roughly 800,000 immigrants now protected by the program to stay for as long as two years under current work permits is supported even by numerous groups that want DACA scrapped.

Republican leaders in 10 states have threatened to sue the administration if it doesn't end the program by next Tuesday.

The program - known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA - was instituted in 2012 and a wide majority of Americans view it favourably. The Trump administration could immediately invalidate all DACA work authorizations, or it could draw down the program gradually over the next two years by no longer issuing renewals. Following are some of Trump's comments on the so-called Dreamer policy: February 16, 2017, news conference at the White House - "We're gonna show great heart, DACA is a very, very hard subject for me, I will tell you".

"They have everybody's name and information on file for all of these individuals with DACA status", she said.

Two Valley congressmen are among a group of 6 Republicans asking President Donald Trump to maintain deportation protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children.

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I came to the United States from Mexico when I was 13 years old.

Castor says that there were rumors that the Trump administration was poised to rule against DACA at the beginning of this week, but Hurricane Harvey has possibly put that decision on hold, for the short term, anyway. "I can't say it enough". My research, and that of others, shows that, for those who had contemplated ending their lives, DACA thwarted these thoughts; it gave them a new hope - that they could make something of themselves and become contributing members of our society. "While we were crossing, we had to pretend to be sleeping so that they wouldn't question us".

"He's been advised that it's in his political interest for him to be the one to make the decision to terminate the program because he'll get the credit", said a source who is familiar with the conversations inside the White House.

About 4 million children born in the United States have at least one parent who is unauthorized.

Smith noted that at least 27 of Microsoft's employees could be affected if Trump ends DACA.

Supporters of DACA argue the program helps stabilize families and secure jobs for young people.

Ten conservative state attorney generals intend to challenge DACA next week, and both Trump and his chief of staff John Kelly expressed a belief that it will not hold up in court.