Rumor: Warner Bros. Wants DiCaprio For Joker Origin Movie


However, in just the last week, news has emerged that Warner planning not one, but two new Joker movies.

The Hollywood Reporter recently released an article stating Leonardo DiCaprio was being considered to play Joker in #ToddPhilips' project. While Scorsese's take on the character will be part of a new universe that will allow tackle different stories outside the DCEU, it's understandable for him to be anxious.

Although only in the early development stages, the film is expected to be vastly different than the comic book movies Marvel has pumped out in recent years. Certainly, Scorsese's involvement in The Joker film, which The Hangover filmmaker Todd Phillips would direct, could elevate and diversify the studio's contributions to the genre, creating the potential to make awards-worthy films such as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy.

Even then, DiCaprio seems like a truly weird choice for a Joker origin movie, unless there could be plans to show both a young Joker and as a villainous adult.

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It's noted both Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are not attached to the Joker project as of yet, with no deal now out to Leonardo DiCaprio, and that Martin Scorsese's producer deal isn't even finalized as of yet. He was allegedly displeased with the idea of having multiple actors play the character at once. The Joker origin movie is expected to be the first spin-off title in the DCEU as Warner Bros. goes deeper into the DC Comics catalog and shed more light on its most iconic characters. Tom Phillips, the director behind a number of documentaries, is set to direct the film, which would imagine the origin of the young and gritty clown crime boss in Gotham.

Could Warner oh, so serious about Leo as The Joker?

While there is already talk of DC gearing up to make a Joker and Harley movie starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, there is now another Joker movie in the pipeline, this one dealing with the origin of the infamous villain. "When Harry Met Sally on Benzedrine", Independent reported.