Clooney warns 'dark cloud' hangs over US


The actor and director was speaking at the Venice Film Festival with Damon to promote their new film Suburbicon, which will be released on October 27.

Clooney said he had wanted to puncture rose-tinted views of a time in American history that is frequently seen as something of a golden age of prosperity and hope.

In great shape, George Clooney has initially joined her co-stars Julianne Moore and Matt Damon to attend the traditional photocall, before joining his wife for the big night. "We've tried", said Clooney.

"We've got to watch, but hopefully the people of Mexico understand that the people of our country, the majority of them don't believe that we should be putting any walls up", Damon told People magazine in February. "It does speak to the fact that these issues have not and are not going away until there's an honest reckoning in our country".

Then, while looking to try to make a film out of the Levittown story, he remembered that the Coen brothers had written a script called "Suburbicon", so those two elements were meshed together.

Texans-Cowboys preseason game canceled amid Houston flooding
He set up a campaign with an initial goal of $100,000 on Sunday, and it's grown substantially since. Watt. "I think it's the right decision", Watt said of the decision to cancel the game. "Houston's a great city".

But the promise that it is a "melting pot of diversity" is quickly and categorically disproved, and a burgeoning friendship between a white boy and his black neighbour sparks violence.

Actor Matt Damon says he is very concerned with the state of things in the U.S. and the damage that is being done to the institutions with Donald Trump as president.

At a news conference earlier in the day, Clooney said the US now is "probably the angriest I have ever seen the country, and I lived through the Watergate period of time".

He added, "I commend people who go into public service because it's such a awful way to get elected, it's such a frightful time while you're in office". He described the scale of anger in America and the "dark cloud hanging over our country right now". "We see them work with the press, and with the legislative and the judicial branches of government".

"It becomes increasingly clear how in over his head and incapable this man is of being president of the United States", Clooney said. These are the problems the country has not quite come to terms with yet. "I'd like anybody to be the next president of the United States, right away!"