Destiny 2: 18 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You


Raids are the best and most hard end-game PvE activities in Destiny, so players will want to form up their six man teams and get ready to take it on as soon as possible. There are dozens of other design decisions that Bungie later walked back or fixed after aggressive and frequent player complaints.

Bungie could and should patch in an update to Destiny 2 to fix the shader system.

Bungie knows about the Destiny 2 bugs and they have revealed that they are working on it.

Xur's backstory is shrouded in mystery - he himself is a unusual character in the world, and The Nine that he belongs to seem to be even more mysterious in their own way.

For those who haven't faced these Destiny 2 bugs yet, one of the issues takes place on the planet Nessus. In order to access it, active players need to Log Out of Destiny 2, and there is a possibility that they may encounter a server queue, as detailed by Bungie. In the first Destiny, these items could be used infinitely and applied only to an entire armor set. Leading up to the release of Destiny 2, Bungie re-iterated that they needed to make a sequel to Destiny because an add-on to the original game wouldn't be able to support everything they wanted - and needed - to do with Destiny moving forward. "With D2, we want statements like "I want to run the Raid, Trials, or go back to Titan to get more of its Shader" to be possible".

The Destiny 2 community, despite being largely pleased with the game, is very upset about shaders. It feels predatory and it has a lot of people anxious about what other "one step forward, two steps back" kind of changes may be in the future.

Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise
Do not spend a SINGLE CENT on micro transactions until shaders become unlimited use. #MakeFashionGreatAgain

The idea of microtransactions - the video game industry equivalent of an in-app purchases - is a divisive topic. Other times, it's you with a headset on, talking to your brother or your old friend from high school you haven't seen in years, just blasting aliens together. Other popular service-style games, like World of Warcraftor Final Fantasy XIV, have monthly subscription fees that justify the existence of a microtransaction system.

That's all great in the sense that Destiny 2 needed these things, but there are few new features in Destiny 2 that leave you saying "Wow, I would have never expected this from Destiny". Real money in "Illyriad" mostly affected cosmetic and quality-of-life features. Effectively, the free content releases keep most fan concerns at bay. In terms of gameplay, no real advantage is gained by spending money.

In their weekly report Bungie stated that "Millions" of Guardians are already playing the game, which seems to suggest that the game has already been deemed a success.

In addition, loot boxes are created to exploit the more vulnerable personality traits of certain players (including younger players), and these people (identified by publishers using terms such as "whales") dump vast quantities of money into things like loot boxes.

It's unclear if or when Bungie might change this. The game's publisher, Activision, didn't respond immediately to request for comment.

While some see this change as a way to try and force players towards micro-transactions, game director Luke Smith claims the change is about giving players frequent rewards.

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