No way, Jose: Hurricane slightly weakens in Atlantic


It's still way too early to know exactly where Jose will end up, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for the United States to get comfortable with another hurricane making landfall.

But, Jose is expected to strengthen slightly by late in the week to 80 miles per hour - still a Category 1 hurricane.

As a much stronger Category 4 storm, the hurricane passed only 85 miles from the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda last weekend.

While hurricanes doing clockwise loops are rare, they are not unheard of.

As of this morning, the center of Hurricane Jose was located near latitude 27.5 North and longitude 68.3 West.

Spaghetti charts for Jose show a complicated future for the storm. FOX 13's meteorologist Dave Osterberg said Jose has been pin wheeling around the Atlantic Ocean for a while.

AccuWeather reports that there are "several paths" Jose can take by the third week of September, including impacting the mid-Atlantic, New England, or Atlantic Canada.

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Current long-term forecast models for Jose are all over the map next week.

The National Weather Service is predicting a reduction in forward speed and a turn toward the north on Monday.

Jose won't lose much intensity during this loop to nowhere, as the storm will have plenty of warm water for fuel.

The National Hurricane Center recognizes this uncertainty in its Tuesday morning forecasts for Jose, saying "after (three days), the confidence in the forecast decreases as the guidance diverges significantly".

That said, those of us along the East Coast will need to keep an eye on Jose.

The data is all over the place but now it does look like Jose will once again make another push towards the East Coast long-term.