Destiny 2 Players Worried Public Event Nerf Coming Soon


We're still digging deep into Destiny 2, but there are some basic things you should know (and habits from Destiny 1 you might need to break).

If a player has trouble logging back into Destiny 2 after the hotfix has been implemented, they should try clearing their console cache, power cycling their network hardware or read through the Bungie's network troubleshooting guide. That sentiment is based on the way that Bungie managed the original Destiny, and many users appear to agree with Golandrinas, the original poster.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are your friend: If you're racing to be one of the first clans to finish the Leviathan Raid, then you'll need as much help as possible.

The maintenance comes just a day before the first raid of the new game, called Leviathan.

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Aside from completing the On the Comms questline, make sure your Power Level is at least 270 before taking on the Leviathan Raid.

Destiny 2 Raids are gated by Level requirements, meaning the past week has been a lot about driving that upwards - unless you're 260 or higher, you won't be allowed into Leviathan. The Destiny 2 gauntlets are the Hunter Road Complex AA1s. We've given you the when. Including the first Raid, Leviathan and PvP event Trials of the Nine and the return of everyone's favourite exotic salesman Xur. "Together, as a team, you might even discover the how".

Players can gain access to the Leviathan Raid from 6pm BST on Wednesday, September 13 across PS4 and Xbox One.