Woman allegedly shoots homeless man after being asked to move Porsche


Heavy.com reported that Quackenbush was charged with misdemeanor assault after being arrested in Potter County, Texas, on December 17, 2016. The case is still pending. Her father said Tuesday she was charged after "throwing a glass of water" in the face of her ex-husband's girlfriend "because of some insulting remarks". The charge was later dropped.

When asked whether his daughter heard Melton scream or indicate he had been shot, Jesse Quackenbush said there was no indication he was injured. And that's when Melton asked Quackenbush to move her auto.

The homeless man told police that the alleged shooter got back into her auto and left the scene.

His daughter told him, "I have a gun stay away from me", Jesse Quackenbush said.

He told the newspaper Mr Melton made explicit remarks and threatened to kill his daughter and her friend while they sat in the vehicle. When he "kept coming", she fired another shot.

"She didn't try to kill this guy, she had no intention of killing him, she didn't know that she hit him", he said.

The news station reported, however, that Monday's arrest was not the first for Katie Quackenbush.

Quackenbush, who goes by the name Katie Layne as a singer, has no prior criminal convictions. Quackenbush fled the scene with another woman.

But there's more to the story, says the suspect's father. A third party who found Melton with gunshot wounds called for help.

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Metro police weren't immediately available for comment late Monday night regarding allegations that Melton had threatened Quackenbush's life.

She fired the shots and then left, the father told the Tennessean newspaper, because Melton continued to approach the women.

"This was a confrontation with a legitimate threat of harm", Jesse Quackenbush said.

A quote at the top of his website reads: "My career-long goal has been to treat every client as though they were a member of my own family".

She appears to speak to the public about the shooting in the blurb below the video. "Had she known he had been struck, she would have called the police immediately".

"There's a big power imbalance between the players in this situation".

Little is known about Gerald Melton. She was later released from jail, according to local station WTVF. Melton allegedly began walking towards her in which she told him she was armed.

Melton asked Quakenbush to move the SUV, and an argument ensued.