Fraud claim sets tone for meeting


In his latest column for Breitbart News, Kris Kobach, the commission's vice chairman, called it "highly likely" that the election of Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire's Democratic candidate for the Senate, was "stolen through voter fraud". Democrats have blasted the commission as a biased panel determined to curtail voting rights, and they ramped up their criticism ahead of and during the group's daylong meeting in New Hampshire. "We are concerned that this commission is being organized in a way that will guarantee its failure", he wrote, lamenting that he and others on the "conservative side of this issue" were not consulted. It is a role based entirely on citizens freely exercising our most fundamental right - the right to vote. It is a right that Americans have fought, bled and died to protect throughout our history.

According to New York University School of Law's Brennan Center for Justice, Granite State courts have specifically ruled that you can be eligible to vote in the state without being required to get a driver's license there.

The reason why CNN may have zeroed in on "white men" in reporting on a voter fraud hearing is that many on the Left allege, as Perez does, that investigating voter fraud is done cynically with the goal of making it more hard for traditional Democratic voter demographics - such as African-Americans and young people - to vote.

"Donald Trump created this commission because he was humiliated about losing the 2016 popular vote".

"Today's meeting makes it clear that the real objective of President Trump's sham voter commission is to the lay the foundation for voter suppression efforts", said Sewell stated in a press release Tuesday afternoon.

Investigating voter fraud within New Hampshire, Public Interest Legal Foundation Spokesman Logan Churchwell corroborates the fact that the northeastern state opens the door for people to vote who are not New Hampshire residents.

"After my own participation as a member, I'm confident that all the members of the Commission are committed to uncovering the truth about election integrity and the other issues present in our election system and developing recommendations to safeguard and improve the voting process", he said.

"Rather than hearing from experts in the field of election integrity, the commission gathered a panel of Trump loyalists who support severe voter restrictions".

After this data request was made, thousands of Americans across the country proactively canceled their voter registration in fear that their information would be compromised. Indeed, the commission could use the data to create a national voter database for the first time in USA history, and it could be used to unlawfully purge voters with identical names and birth dates.

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That tracks with one of the other reports filed in the public comments with the voter commission. At the commission's first meeting in July, Trump said, "There's something".

The discovery was revealed by the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Republican Shawn Jasper.

But even in the short time since Kobach's claim, his analysis has not held up to scrutiny.

"During his freaky statement he falsely claimed that separate laws governing voting and gun ownership were similar, saying 'it's the same things that disqualify you from owning a gun that disqualify you from voting, '" noted Eric Lutz, writing for Mic.

The Pence-Kobach commission should be immediately disbanded. Congress should conduct vigorous oversight of the commission's efforts, which are an affront to our democracy.

Instead of looking for ways to restrict the vote, which is the unspoken mission of the commission, we should be looking for ways to expand the vote.

Panelist John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and an author of books on voter fraud suggested that states could use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to verify voter registration.

"We've known for months that more voters cast ballots without any proof of actually living in New Hampshire than the differentials for either federal contest there in 2016", Churchwell said.

The anecdotes run counter to prevailing wisdom among many academics and voting rights advocates that voter fraud doesn't happen or is too infrequent to deserve study.