North Korea's 'electronic bomb' technology of Russian origin, experts say


The latest round of United Nations measures include an embargo on textile exports, a cap on refined petroleum trading that will reduce oil and fuel exports to North Korea by about a third, and a halt to employing new North Korean workers overseas.

North Korea obtained "electronic bombs" from Russian Federation capable of jamming electronic signals and disabling technology on enemy planes, ships and missiles, according to a Japanese newspaper.

Tensions have risen in the area in recent weeks following North Korea's sixth, and most powerful, nuclear test to date on September 3.

The U.N. resolution also bans countries from giving additional work permits to North Korean laborers, another source of money for Pyongyang. New measures could deprive the reclusive regime of more than 1.3 billion dollars in annual earnings, but it is unlikely they will convince Mr Jong-un to rein in his nuclear ambitions.

"If we respond to the situation with an attitude that we will counter a nuclear-armed North with a nuclear-armed South, peace can not be maintained between the two Koreas", Moon said.

Anthony Ruggiero, a former U.S. Treasury Department official who is now an analyst with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, described how North Korea and Russian Federation tried to cover up a clandestine oil deal.

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According to Bruce Klingner, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst who is now senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, North Korea's trading system consists of 5,000 companies that are centralized in China and run by a limited number of trusted individuals. "We will use economic sanctions to bring North Korea to the table".

"However the worldwide community will never accept a nuclear North Korea and in particular my country will never accept a nuclear North Korea", he said. "So we really do need for China to be much more transparent", said Straub with the Sejong Institute.

The report did not offer details, but said that Choe Kang-il, deputy Director General for North American affairs at the North Korean Foreign Ministry, and Evans Revere, a former senior official at the State Department, had raised North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear tests. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, he expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the new sanctions.

"This is in order to make the right conditions for dialogues and I would like to emphasize this", he said.

The EU is also lining up fresh sanctions of its own in addition to the United Nations measures - these could include a ban on the sale of luxury goods to the north or steps against the regime leadership, even Kim himself.