Nuclear Weapons Experts Warn Trump Against Abandoning Iran Deal


If the deal fell apart, "Iran would be back on the march to getting the potential for getting a nuclear weapon, and the IAEA would lose all visibility into the program", Sherman said.

Separately, French President Emmanuel Macron has come out in support of the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran, saying France sees "no alternative" to the agreement.

But they still have to convince Trump.

"More than 80 nuclear-nonproliferation experts signed a letter to the Trump administration Wednesday, urging him to stay in the Iran agreement, which they called "effective and verifiable" and an "important success", the full implementation of which is critical to global peace and security". Former President Barack Obama's administration, which negotiated the deal, did so in mid-January and Trump's administration did so again on May 17. Einhorn, who served from 2009 to 2013 in the Obama administration, told me: "Everyone recognizes that the deal is not ideal".

Haley also brought up the importance of stopping Iran from exploiting "ambiguous language" in the deal, as well as IAEA's access to facilities in the Islamic Republic.

State Department and Pentagon officials have approached counterparts from France, Germany and the United Kingdom, according to the people.

Nonetheless, many of these experts and former officials are also beginning to acknowledge that the nuclear deal they sold in 2015 is flawed.

"The Iran deal is one of the worst deals I've ever seen, certainly at a minimum the spirit of the deal is atrociously kept", Trump said aboard Air Force One.

Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign policy chief, has voiced strong support for the deal with Iran, saying it represented "the European way to foreign policy".

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Albright and Heinonen suggest that Iran may be in violation of some of these restrictions, and they argue that the IAEA should inspect Iranian military sites as a regular part of enforcing this part of the agreement, not treat such inspections as special cases used only in response to evidence of a specific violation. The official acknowledged that there may be ways to police the Iran deal more rigorously and said the accord is helpful because it averts a nuclear-armed Iran, while allowing the worldwide community to focus on other issues. And still today, the fallout from the invasion is undermining US national security.

Bakhtiar said the Europeans do not want to be part of the USA game and be blamed for its collapse, urging them to pool their efforts to make the U.S. remain committed to the deal.

But that certification to Congress, required every 90 days under USA law and not as part of the Iran deal itself, is in jeopardy as Trump searches for a way out of the accord. "What's the USA going to offer in return?"

So, why continue with a deal that Iran is so happy to break? But reinstating sanctions would violate the U.S.'s terms - and effectively tear up the agreement.

People familiar with internal discussions said Haley's team didn't work out her speech with Tillerson and his team in advance.

In another, the White House elaborated.

Pushing a decision off on Congress would be similar to Trump's recent moves on other key policies, including immigration, health care and tax reform.

If he does - as he's expected to - it will be the second time Trump takes such action since assuming office, in a procedure he is mandated to consider every 120 days.