Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin asked for a government jet for his honeymoon


Though the Treasury secretary later said he'd reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the excursion, the cabinet department's inspector general is reportedly examining what transpired.

On Sept. 1, it was reported Mnuchin is being investigated for taking a government plane to view the solar eclipse in its totality last month.

A Treasury Department spokesperson told CNN in a statement that Mnuchin made the request to ensure he had access to secure lines of communication when he and his new wife, Louise Linton, were traveling.

The inquiry was initiated after Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs banker and Hollywood producer, and Linton traveled to Louisville, Kentucky on August 21, where he discussed tax policy at a public event then toured Fort Knox. Ron Wyden, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee. Shockingly, Mnuchin's request was denied. Linton posted a photo to Instagram after the trip in which she promoted the high-end designer brands she wore while disembarking the government plane.

"You don't need a giant rulebook of government requirements to just say yourself, 'This is common sense, it's wrong, '" said Oregon Democratic Sen.

"I've known him a long time, he is a very straight shooter", said Trump of Mnuchin while speaking aboard his Air Force One on his way back to Washington, D.C., after visiting impacted by Hurricane Irma in Florida. He also spent part of the day watching the eclipse, and Linton's response to a critic on Instagram drew condemnation, prompting her to apologize.

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Ryan said Wednesday that after the tax draft is released the week of September 25 a detailed version will be readied in hopes of action by the House later this fall.

"Do you think the USA govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?!"

Requests for military jets are fairly unusual, though not unprecedented, for personal travel.

News outlets in the U.S. dubbed this Ms Linton's "Let them eat cake moment", a reference to a comment reputedly made by French queen Marie Antoinette upon hearing the citizens of Paris had no bread.

Two people familiar with the matter say Linton was not aware that her husband had requested government travel for their honeymoon before making that comment. It would balloon if tax rates were cut too deeply without providing offsetting federal spending reductions and closure of tax loopholes, both politically hard tasks.