Jennifer Lawrence thinks her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky is "brilliant"


The film was written and directed by Academy Award Nominee Darren Aronofsky, who wrote and directed "Black Swan", "Requiem for a Dream" and 2014's "Noah" (If you missed "Noah", consider yourself was an abomination). Having noticeably kept their distance on the red carpet, the duo were suddenly arm in arm at the NY screening and happy to. But she later found love with him after making his movie. Jennifer and Darren have not yet posed together on the red carpet, seeming instead to deliberately keep their distance on photo opportunities. When I was 22, I was like, I can't wait to be a mother!

Indeed, to all of our dismay, the actress quickly responds to Guthrie by saying, "I'm taking one [a break]". "But that's what makes it a masterpiece and that's what makes Darren so brilliant and that's why I've always wanted to work with him".

It's a film that defies easy description or interpretation, and should prove one of the year's most divisive cinema experiences, which is probably why somewhat bold star Jennifer Lawrence agreed to get involved, even though she reputedly thought that Aronofsky had serious psychological problems at first (before they started dating). "Now I'm like...[shocked face]"'.

Pakistan beat World XI by 33 runs to win Independence Cup
Pacemen Rumman Raees and Hasan Ali removed those two and an unbeaten 24 from Sammy was never going to get the World XI close. This is the final match of the Independence Cup, the fans and people of Pakistan enjoying cricket after a long time.

Considering Lawrence's role in the disturbing Mother! "I didn't even want the script in my house and then I realized that's why he's a genius. I don't have anything set for two years", the Oscar victor, 27, revealed. OK, so she didn't wear an actual flower crown, but she did debut an updated, more elevated take on the festival staple while attending the premiere of her movie Mother!

The film, which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Javier Bardem, is a horror film about a woman whose relationship is tested when her husband invites menacing guests to stay in their home. But also I get time off from it. The "possession" of young widowed mother Amelia in recent hit The Babadook tears at a particularly crucial bond, as her son Samuel is forced to fend for himself against a mother unravelling due to the stresses of parenthood.