Trump's Message For His 1st UN General Assembly: Strength, 'Reform'


On the floor at the United Nations on the day of the landslide decision.

RICHARD GOWAN: And they will tolerate that if he balances it with some positive messages about cooperation, and especially if he emphasizes that he wants to work diplomatically on some of the major crises of the moment. Trump administration officials characterize it as a cost-saving measure, but the move could indicate something more.

There are indications though that in some respects the meeting may not quite match that description.

"For those who have been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option", he said.

Key US allies, including France, have strongly encouraged Trump to uphold the agreement in order to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal.

President Ashraf Ghani will leave Kabul for NY on Sunday to attend the 72th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. She expected a Trump call for maximum pressure on North Korea.

And what have the USA and its allies achieved? In Seoul, popular worries have been prompted by Kim's provocations, but have also been amplified by fears about the unpredictability and temperament of Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, the UN Security Council agreed to tighten sanctions on North Korea, banning its textile exports and capping fuel supplies.

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Will the president take to Twitter to savage the United Nations if he feels insufficient progress is being made, breaking with the carefully crafted talking points created by advisers and diplomats?

NIKKI HALEY: The U.N. has shifted over the past several months.

McMaster says Trump, much like previous presidents, will push a message of reform, calling for more transparency and accountability at the United Nations.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan's chief cabinet secretary, said, "We absolutely can not accept these repeated provocations by North Korea and we strongly protest to North Korea and convey to them the nation's strong anger in the strongest words possible".

After addressing the General Assembly Tuesday morning, Trump will meet with senior United Nations officials and the Emir of Qatar, a key regional ally which he has accused of backing terrorism in recent months.

Trump on Wednesday holds a working lunch with African leaders and will meet with the heads of Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. He will then meet African leaders, to discuss issues including economic development.

"President Moon ordered [the military] to closely analyze and increase the readiness posture against new types of threats from North Korea, such as EMP [electromagnetic pulse] and biochemical threats", presidential spokesman Park Su-hyun said.