Forbes Values Bears At $2.85 Billion


That's more than $1 billion ahead of the Patriots ($3.7 billion).

They are now the 25th most valuable franchise in National Football League, ahead of larger-market teams like the Tennessee Titans ($2.05 billion) and Detroit Lions ($1.8 billion).

The Cowboys, for more than a decade the NFL's most valuable team, are now the top franchise on the planet with Forbes placing their worth at $4.8 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys' worth has risen to $4.8billion, making them the NFL's most valuable franchise for the 11th straight year, according to Forbes' annual rankings released on Monday.

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It seems that the trick to increasing your team's value is to open a new stadium.

2013: $840 million (31st of 32 teams).

Every team is worth at least a billion, with the Buffalo Bills last at US$1.6 billion. The Bears pulled in $416 million in revenue, with an operating income of $114, per Forbes. The only organizations that increased their value less than the Lions did in the past year are the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, which each went up 2 percent. That's more than double (an inflation adjusted $1.1 billion) what the teams were worth in 2007, the first full year under Roger Goodell's leadership.

The Atlanta Falcons had the highest increase in value, up 16 per cent to more than US$2.47 billion The team just moved into a US$1.5 billion stadium. Rounding out the global top five, according to Forbes, is Manchested United ($3.69 billion) and FC Barcelona ($3.64 billion).