Set Up iOS 11's Emergency SOS Now When You Don't Need It


However, the toggles on the control centre won't turn off WiFi or Bluetooth completely, in fact, they disconnect the active connected device. The new iOS 11 came with some major and noticeable improvements to allow the iPhone and iPad users to enjoy it extensively.

Security researcher Collin Mulliner who is an expert in Bluetooth connectivity said, "It is stupid".

When users swipe up and access their iPhone's Control Center to switch off Bluetooth or Wifi, toggling those switches does nothing.

Though the control app center of the device shows turning off of the connectivity, it still remains on in the background.

Screenshot taking in iOS 11 is a great task.

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The potentially serious consequences of secretly recording people on iOS 11 is not the only issue with the new platform.

In the real world we would call that a software bug, but in Apple's "lets peddle borked products anyway" reality distortion field it really is a feature and Jobs' Mob intended it. As a result, the ride-sharing company updated its iOS app with options to share location "while using the app", "always", and "never" in location settings - control that will also benefit iPhone owners still on iOS 10, The Verge reports. "Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to be available".

However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are still technically available despite being turned off through the control panel, allowing the device to connect to new devices or join other wireless networks without having to reactivate the features through the Control Panel.

The compatible devices include iPhone SE, iPhone 5S and above, iPad Air (both generation), iPad Pro (all generations), iPad Mini 2 and above and finally the six generation of iPod Touch. Everything you just read is laid out in Apple's official iOS 11 documentation. Apple's own support page explains that switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center only disconnects them from connected devices, but the functionality is still very much on. You'll need to do that in the Health app, but it only takes a few seconds.