United States economic growth is aided by immigrant jobs


The Trump administration's decision to rescind DACA, a program created by an Obama administration executive order and criticized by many as a constitutional overreach, seems to have galvanized efforts to pass the long moribund Dream Act.

This is the bilingual hotline operated by NALEO to assist you with any questions related to DACA, 1-844-411-DACA (or 844-411-3222).

While there are some similarities between DACA and Succeed, the biggest difference between the two programs is how strict Succeed is - and how hard it would make an already fraught situation. After 15 years, the youths would be eligible for citizenship.

Candidates have to go through another check-in five years later when they can obtain a green card and after five more years of having a green card, they are eligible to become full citizens. So why is Succeed being introduced?

That figure represents the number of recipients who have qualified for certain protections under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration initiative established under President Barack Obama in 2012.

Ryan said anyone who is afraid to file an application for fear of being later deported should at least consult with attorneys. He also said, "It will further economically the lives of millions who are struggling".

At the end of this six month period, President Trump has stated that he will end the program.

Lankford said Dreamers are in a different situation than other illegal immigrants.

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There are some similarities between Succeed and DACA. You must have entered the United States prior to your 16th birthday, resided in the United States since June 15, 2007, and be now present in the U.S. You also had to have been in the United States on June 15, 2012, and physically in the U.S.at the time of filing for your request for deferred action. Like the Dream Act, the new GOP proposal requires that qualified applicants be gainfully employed; pursue or complete a high school or post-secondary education; or serve in the US military. They are people like Ahtziry Barrera, the 2016 Colonial High School valedictorian who attends Rollins College, and helps her father run a small business that employs US citizens. They must have a clean criminal record.

To qualify for CPR status, applicants will be vetted through background checks and will submit biometric and biographic data to the Department of Homeland Security. Applicants must have a high school diploma, and if they owe taxes, either pay off back-taxes or develop a repayment plan.

They described it as a "fair and compassionate", merit-based solution to undocumented US residents who qualify. "If their parents are already here, their parents have to return to their home country for 10 years before they can apply, because if they've been in this country for more than a year their ineligible to be able to have a quick citizenship connection". This 15-year timeline, of course, is a best-case scenario, barring any bureaucratic slow-downs or unforeseen circumstances. "We as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents".

Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed legislation allocating $30 million in state money for financial aid and legal services to help young immigrants brought into the country as children. "By waiving (that right), it puts a lot of people in danger". In short, visa holders would have little to no ability to fight against a possible deportation.

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma gave talking points on his proposed immigration bill instead of outright explaining how it would stop chain migration during an interview on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday. It's clear that this issue isn't urgent for Trump's administration and many members of Congress, because they aren't directly affected by it and don't experience the urgency that the American people do.

Durbin, however, did not state his support for the SUCCEED Act.

"Either you have the majority for your Republican budget by December 9th with your votes or you negotiate with the Democrats to get those votes on the basis of justice for our immigrant community", Gutierrez said.