Luton-based Monarch Airlines cancels all flights after falling into administration


The British government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to coordinate flights for stranded passengers for no additional charge.

Those due to fly in the next fortnight will be brought back to the United Kingdom at no cost.

British media reports Zufolgewurden also cancelled some 300,000 bookings.

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The British government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to charter more than 30 aircraft to bring back to the United Kingdom about 110,000 Monarch customers now overseas.

More information on how to make a claim will be made available at in due course.

As such, anyone now overseas and due to return by October 15 will get a new flight home at the end of their holiday free of charge.

Tricia Williams, chief operating officer at Manchester Airport, commented: "All Monarch flights from Manchester Airport have been cancelled and will not be rescheduled after the airline entered administration this morning".

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Britain's largest airline Monarch has collapsed its operation starting this Monday, cancelling 300,000 of its future bookings and leaving thousands of its travellers stranded overseas.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said the collapse of the firm was the result of a recent price war between airlines.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said in a statement: "This is a hugely distressing situation for British holidaymakers overseas - and my first priority is to help them get back to the UK".

"Given the unprecedented scale of this task some disruption is inevitable".

Kent travellers are among thousands having to review their plans following the sudden collapse of Monarch Airlines.

The Civil Aviation Authority said it had launched a program to bring 110,000 customers back home over the next fortnight, chartering 30 planes for the rescue operation.

Meanwhile, unfortunately anyone who has booked a flight out of the United Kingdom with Monarch won't be getting it replaced; if that's you, you shouldn't go to the airport.