The Stan Simpson Show: Keeping the spotlight on Puerto Rico


"This devastation is catastrophic from the pictures, but also from my conversations with the governor of Puerto Rico and others on the island, but I haven't been there yet", said Kaine. "You know, they owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street". He added that the government has efforts to restore power and operations "down to a science". The territory's bonds, already weak from the pounding of Hurricane Maria, fell another 31 percent. President Trump visited the island Tuesday to meet with officials and review relief efforts. "And she was the lone voice that we saw - and of course that's the only voice the media wanted to talk to, and she's running for governor, big surprise". Large numbers of Puerto Rican children are expected to enroll in school districts on the USA mainland in the aftermath of the hurricane.

But those statistics are no longer readily available, perhaps because it goes against the administration's narrative that the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico is improving. "Will hopefully be able to stop at the U.S. Virgin Islands (people working hard)", Trump tweeted on September 30.

The mass exodus from Puerto Rico could accelerate after Hurricane Maria hit the island two weeks ago.

The page includes statistics on the percentage of hospitals that have been reopened, the miles of road that have been cleared, the thousands of federal workers engaged in the response, and the millions of meals that have been distributed.

Pence was being briefed inside a U.S. Virgin Islands Army National Guard hangar.

On arrival Friday, the vice president's plane flew over homes stripped of the roofs, toppled trees and debris strewn in yards.

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Vice President Mike Pence visited the island on Friday in a bid to reassure those on the island that it will receive federal assistance.

Pence is getting a briefing on the rebuilding efforts in St. Croix and meeting with people affected by the storm.

The island is now looking to Washington for help.

Scott traveled to Puerto Rico last week to aid in the recovery process.

The Las Vegas 4 Puerto Rico coalition, a group led by the Puerto Rican Society of Nevada and the Puerto Rican Association of Las Vegas, will conduct an event Sunday at Palace Station to raise money to assist with efforts to fix the island.