Google Home Mini is a fabric covered $49 Echo Dot rival


The Google Home Mini has been leaked in full detail earlier and, as expected, it is a smaller version of the Google Home smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant. Unlike the Echo Dot which has buttons on top the Google Home Mini has a fabric enclosure which is sturdy and lets in light and sound. At the heart of the Google Home Max is the new AI powered Smart Sound system that adapts to home conditions on the fly.

Home Mini comes in three colours with Google saying it will launch in the USA first with it coming to the United Kingdom soon.

Home Max will be priced at $399 available in two colors - Chalk and Charcoal.

Google has expanded its Google Home family, with the launch of the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max speakers. It also supports Google Cast, Bluetooth, and aux-in, so you can plug all your existing devices in.

Well, Google Home is also going to be available in Japan from today. The speaker will also automatically turn itself up when in a noisy environment, such as when the washing machine is on its spin cycle. It is a pretty nasty competitor to Amazon's Echo Dot.

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The Home Max also adjusts its volume based on the time of day and what's going on in its surroundings.

Google Home Max will launch in the US for $399 and comes with 12 months of ad-free YouTube Music. Pre-orders for the device start today and is slated for release on October 19th.

The Home Max comes with two 4.5-inch woofers with tweeters covered under the fabric speaker. Around the back, you'll find a 3.5mm jack and an in-built power connector.

Max will cost $399, and it'll be available in December in two colors: chalk and charcoal. It costs $399 and will be will go on sale in December, starting with the U.S. initially. Google will offer 12 months of ad-free YouTube music subscription with the purchase of the Home Max. Google has confirmed this feature will be coming to the United Kingdom later this year, but was unable to give an exact launch date here.