Man Locked Inside Beer Cooler Overnight at Kwik Trip Enjoys a Few


A Wisconsin man was arrested Wednesday after he spent the night drinking beer and malt beverages in a convenience store cooler.

For his adventure, more because he left the makeshift bar without paying his tab, he was issued a misdemeanor citation for retail theft.

According to police records, the incident happened at the Kwik Trip on Central Avenue in Marshfield.

Police in the town of Marshfield say Jeremy Van Ert, 38, walked into the local Kwik Trip convenience store Tuesday night to buy some beer.

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He said, "The subject found himself locked within the beer cooler (and) knew that Kwik Trip would not sell him any beer after midnight".

According to the police report, Van Ert drank an 18 ounce bottle of Icehouse Beer and three cans of Four Loko. He also fell over a stack of 30-can beer packs, breaking three cases open.

Gramza said in his 20 years in the police field, he hasn't seen anything like this. Gramza said Van Ert was put in the Wood County Jail on a probation hold from an unrelated case. If he had knocked on its glass door, employees would have heard him inside and released him, according to the police report.

"He had a pretty high blood alcohol level when he was arrested and as a part of his probation he was ordered to not drink alcohol", Gramza said.