Google will give you salary estimates before you apply for a job


According to the announcement on the Google Search Blog, salary information, location settings and application choices can now be added to display directly in search along with the job posting.

The new feature, which is embedded in the company's core search service, provides estimated salaries for specific job postings based on information like job titles, locations, and company information.

Looking for work is stressful, especially when you think about toggling between the various job sites you'll have to scour for the right gig (not to mention all the attendant resume tweaking). PayScale's salary data which analyzes pay based on a myriad of compensable factors - including position, geography, experience, as well as education, training or certifications required - will automatically be surfaced for relevant job postings on Google.

Google Search's built-in jobs search engine, which launched earlier this year, is getting an update today.

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When searching for a job, location is important. With this, you'll be able to save a few candidates for a new job for later viewing. It allows employment seekers to search for jobs across the US using Google Search and terms like "jobs near me" or "teaching jobs".

If there's a job posting in which an employer has provided salary information, Google (goog) said it would show a comparison with its own salary estimates. Just click the "Location" filter, and you'll see a range of distances, from two miles up to 200 miles or "anywhere" if you're a bit more flexible. Posting information about the salary an applicant can expect for a particular job makes it easier for them to evaluate whether the job is a fit, Zakrasek said.

As part of the effort Google is working with sites that list job openings such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

The first feature debuting on the platform grants it an ability to help job seekers check their potential to secure the job. "Then that job will appear in your "Saved jobs" tabs on Google, which is accessible across any of your devices". This feature will roll out within a couple of weeks, according to Google.