Cowboys' Jerry Jones: Remark from 2013 'not who I am'


According to the Wall Street Journal's Andrew Beaton, Jones sent a letter to his fellow owners in which he requested a special meeting to discuss Roger Goodell's contract extension.

Now, with Jones feeling betrayed by Goodell, he's begun a crusade against Goodell to remove him from power.

"The NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it "cherry picks" so-called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical evidence", a joint statement from Elliott's legal representatives, attorneys Frank Salzano and Scott Rosenblum, said following the initial suspension announcement in August.

Meanwhile, rumors Jerry Jones could be snatched from his position as the owner of the Cowboys are floating around.

It doesn't look like the feud between Jerry Jones and the National Football League is going to be ending anytime soon.

Jones also wrote to Goodell: "As you are also aware and concerned, the League has undergone unprecedented upheaval in the last two years, including a significant decline in television ratings, increased advertiser discontent, high-profile litigation concerning player suspensions, and decreasing ticket sales".

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Jones did not talk about it directly in a radio interview on Friday. "If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard [after the deflate-gate decision], Bob Kraft is a [expletive] compared to what I'm going to do". Goodell handed Elliott a six-game suspension, which is the baseline for a first offender under the league's policy.

"'Roger told me there was nothing to worry about - the evidence just isn't there, '" says a high-level source briefed on the call. Clearly, Jerry isn't on board with the leagues decision on Zeke.

Regardless, Jones believed Elliott would not be disciplined by the league.

Jones wrote a letter to Goodell Thursday, seeking to have a special owners' meeting scheduled for November 28 in NY. Privately, he wasn't quite as polite.

Basically, Jones' argument is that now is not the time to do an extension for Goodell, whose current contract runs through the 2018 season.