'Rampage' Trailer: 'San Andreas' Team Back In Action, Animal Style


That was more than 20 years ago but the formula of the genre has stayed the same. When a genetic experiment goes wrong and turns George and other animals into enormous, destructive monsters that wreak havoc across North America, Davis must team with a discredited genetic engineer to find a cure, stop the rampaging beasts and save his simian friend.

The film stars human charisma generator Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Davis Okoye, a man who befriends a giant ape because animals "get him" (in a way humans don't, presumably).

Nothing can stop Dwayne Johnson's rampage, not even giant monsters. The animals are tearing down everything that they come across on their path.

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The gene-editing bomb causes George, a wolf and a crocodile to sprout, gaining height and mass - but that's not all. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the man who is the evil mastermind and considers humans to be the smartest species but to his surprise, the animals are too hard to control. He has to secure an antidote that reverses the effects of the experiment.

Historically, of course, film adaptations of games have been terrible. It was directed by Brad Peyton from a script by Ryan Engle and Adam Sztykiel, based on a story be Engle and the popular video game.

Warner Bros has released the first trailer for Rampage, the arcade game film adaptation we did not realise we needed.