Trump blasts Franken, but stays silent on Moore


Maher called the claims against Franken "very disturbing" and joked, "I was so shaken I called Bill Cosby to see if he had anything to calm me down".

Eleven women came forward during Trump's presidential campaign to accuse him of sexual misconduct over several decades.

Short continued: "The President, even when he was traveling overseas, put out a statement that says, 'If these allegations are true, he should step aside.' So the President's been very clear on this".

What do you think of Trump's eagerness in bashing Franken for his sexual indiscretions when there is evidence of the president's own improprieties with women?

While Trump's anti-Franken tweets reflect his life-long penchant to counter-attack enemies, they also opened the door for the president's critics to revive the many sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Trump has not mentioned Moore in public comments and tweets, and has ignored reporters' questions about the allegations.

Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations, calling them politically motivated.

"Imagine how damaging it would be for "Al Frankenstein" if there was a video of him saying he routinely commits sexual assault",'s Robert Maguire tweeted, attaching a graphic with a quote from Trump's infamous 2005 "hot-mic" tape: ".when you're a star, they let you do it.

In Franken, "the president basically had a free shot on goal" to "remind people that Democrats have some serious problems on their end", the ally said.

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She added, "And I'm so disappointed in the Alabama Republican Party because this isn't a problem that the Washington Post can solve, this isn't a problem that Donald Trump can solve".

For days, he refused to call on Republican senate hopeful Roy Moore to bow out of the race after being accused of sexual advances toward multiple underaged girls.

As been widely reported, Franken's political and comedic careers are in great peril today after it was announced that he forcibly kissed a woman named Leean Tweeden in 2006. Al Franken (D-MN) for alleged sexual misconduct. Maria Cantwell when told of the breaking news about the former "Saturday Night Live" regular in a corridor by CNN reporter Ashley Killough.

Franken apologized and supported an ethics committee investigation into his actions.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is set to deliver a memo to the White House that spells out ways the December 12 special election could be delayed, including by applying pressure to Alabama's Republican governor, the officials said.

And then of course there is former Democratic president Bill Clinton, who admitted to having sexual relations with an intern, Monica Lewinsky, while serving in the White House.

And while a juror told CNN's Sarah Jorgensen the vote in the jury room was 10-2 in favor of acquittal, the hung jury means Menendez can still face another trial if prosecutors want to try again.

Trump originally backed Sen.

Trump could also be asked to testify, although he might have legal grounds to refuse under the separation of powers doctrine, known as "executive priviledge", according to references.