Snoop Dogg Sends a Special Message to Donald Trump


In a sane world, I wouldn't be writing about Donald Trump vs. LaVar Ball.

UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball and two teammates were arrested in China earlier this month, after shoplifting from stores in Shanghai before the team's season opener. "I don't know. If I was going to thank somebody I'd probably thank President Xi (Jinping)", LaVar Ball said.

"You're a has been actor with a thief for a son and Trump is president of the United States".

"Who?" Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump's involvement in the matter. "What was he over there for?" Don't tell me nothing. I help somebody get a job.

"Shoplifting is a very big deal in China, as it should be (5-10 years in jail), but not to father LaVar", tweeted Trump.

"I think it's a sad commentary on what's happened to America when a father being told that his son was shoplifting in China isn't really angry at his son", Gingrich said on "Hannity".

"Fuck you Donald Trump and everything you stand for".

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Moreover, Americans noted that Ball's attitude about the President not putting the players on Air Force One was weird. "Did he help the boys get out?" he asked.

"Ball has made a career out of baiting people to get publicity for his company, Big Baller Brand, which is a basketball lifestyle brand and not, as I thought, a company that makes trousers for men with husky testicles", the late-night host said.

They were released on bail early November 8 and had been staying at a lakeside hotel in Hangzhou prior to flying home.

The drama hasn't seemed to slow down, and while many people have had their various opinions, one name who stepped up to the plate quickly to side with Lynch and Ball is Snoop Dogg. "I would have said, 'Thank you, ' if he put him on his plane and took him home", he said.

The interview concluded on a festive note, with LaVar Ball wishing Trump a happy holiday. "I don't have to go around saying thank you to everybody".

Then, Trump called for the NFL to suspend Lynch, a running back for the Oakland Raiders, after he sat for the US national anthem while standing for the Mexican national anthem during a game in Mexico City. I would love to hear what Lynch thinks is so great about the way they treat their citizens there. "I had some people that had boots on the ground that knew the situation when we first jumped on there", he said. "And LaVar Ball knows there's no better way to troll Trump than by pretending to not know who he is".