Google Maps is now a transit guide that will poke your shoulder


Just a week ago, Google had introduced the new Two-Wheeler feature for Google Maps in Android.

Google Maps has a lot of useful features and it's constantly improving.

Google has been testing real-time notifications for transit journeys, according to TechCrunch. You will find a "start" button at the bottom of the screen with the details about your transit journey.

According to the Tech Crunch report, which seems to be based on insider-information, these updates would appear in the app, but also on the lock screen, allowing you to keep track of your current location at a glance. Google Maps will reportedly send live notifications mentioning its time to de-board on the user's phone. Additionally, the app will also be reminding you to get off at your train station or bus stop when you get close to it. Whether this will work on the London underground before 4G arrives below ground, we'll just have to see, however, it would be good for commuters who want live updates on train times.

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Google Maps could soon be implementing layers that highlight air quality levels in cities around the world. So if you're somewhere you're not familiar with or just exhausted, you'll get a reminder which stop to hop off at. You get the best, most effective route for the motorcycle now in your Google maps app.

The motorcycle mode feature on the Google Maps app in India makes special note of the road obstructions and closures on the way to the destination and the status of parking there. Google hopes to roll out the feature to other cities in the future.

We are very excited that Google Maps rolled up this update and we hope we shall soon have it in Nepal as well.