Flu widespread in NY; Officials urge New Yorkers to get flu shots


But just because it's not a problem now doesn't mean it won't be later.

Some flu protection is better than no flu protection.

Influenza season typically runs from October through May, often peaking in February.

While there have been reports that the current vaccine is only 10 percent effective, the Centers for Disease Control said that is an Australian interim estimate of the vaccine's benefit against one flu virus, the H3N2 virus.

Alberta has reported the most influenza cases.

Some of these complications are very serious and can lead to death. Almost 90 percent of the specimens that tested positive are of this type.

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So far, there have been 612 influenza-related hospitalizations reported this season, and no reports of pediatric deaths from influenza.

While it's unclear what the implications of what's going on in Australia are for the Northern Hemisphere, medical professionals here in Iowa still express a high degree of confidence in the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. "Even in 2017, Americans die from influenza and influenza-related illness". If you work with people, especially if you work with people who may have a compromised immune system such as young children, the elderly or those already sick, not getting your flu shot may be considered negligence if someone gets infected as a result of an employee not getting their flu shot.

Highest estimated numbers of deaths in the western Pacific and Southeast Asia reflect large populations and are both thought to play key roles in global flu virus circulation, she said.

Fifty-four percent of the influenza-like illness specimens submitted to the Indiana State Department of Health's laboratory tested positive for flu in the week ending on December 2. In addition, the investigators calculated region-specific mortality rates, and, perhaps not so surprisingly, the world's poorest regions bore the greatest flu mortality burden. You may have joined this year's early flu season. Some 39.8 percent were vaccinated at this time last season. The vaccine is the same formula that was used during Australia's most recent flu season- which is similar to what the USA will face.

"Drive through and get your flu shot in minutes at the Pavilion at the National Sports Centre, 65 Roberts Avenue". It excludes deaths during flu pandemics and from conditions exacerbated by the flu, such as heart disease. "But it is a wise choice - it's a healthy choice". 35 patients have been hospitalized in the county, according to the Tulsa Health Department's Leanne Stephens.

"Unfortunately, it's the one strain that the vaccine is really underperforming in, in every regard", he said. "You can stay away from people that are sick and then help protect others if you are sick by staying away from them".