New Render Shows Galaxy S9 in 360-Degree Glory


Strategy Analytics reportedly has not considered last year's sales as they were plagued by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, with Samsung ending up shipping only 300 million units. But now according to some rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 to Launch on February 27, 2018, which is probably the second day of MWC 2018. In fact, recently, we have seen the video render of Galaxy S9 smartphones which got leaked by a popular leakster @evleaks on Twitter.

The main design changes include curving the rear panel glass to match the curvature of the display glass, and the positioning of the camera array on the rear as a vertical strip, with a fingerprint scanner embedded below this, centrally, rather than off-set to the side as with the Galaxy S8 series. Vertical camera and fingerprint sensor alignment?

We can expect the phones to be relatively similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in terms of aesthetic.

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In recent years Samsung has used the Qualcomm silicon in models heading to the North American market and it's likely it'll do the same again this time around, although we've seen no specific evidence to point one way or the other as yet. Reports are claiming that the new generation Samsung devices including the new Galaxy S9, S9+ would be powered by Exynos 9810 Chipset. We've been seeing upcoming mobile devices but we're excited to know what Samsung and LG will introduce. The report says the larger handset will be the first of the A-Series to boast a 6-inch AMOLED display. There would be 4GB of 6GB RAM or may be both. The phone would offer 3,100 mAh of battery capacity. The phone would also support Quick Charge technology to recharge the devices in just few minutes.

A new report suggests that Samsung and LG will be doing smartphone announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

None of this information is official, so take it with a grain of salt. More people use their phones as their primary form of entertainment around the world, so a bigger screen is necessary.