BJP's 'conspiracy' stands exposed with 2G verdict: Congress


The Congress has called it vindication, while the BJP says corruption in the spectrum allocation was proved when Supreme Court cancelled all 2G licences handed by Mr Raja.

The Congress, which gave a tough fight to the BJP, lost the elections even though its tally increased to 77 seats from 61 in 2012. "So the idea, their model, is to come up with a lie, spread that lie, and just keep repeating that lie until people believe the lie".

On Saturday morning the Congress chief visited Ahmedabad and held zone-wise "introspection meetings" in Gujarat's Ahmedabad to ascertain reasons for the party's defeat. "At every step, they were trying to polarise".

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"I have given outside support and as of now I have not joined the BJP", he said in reply to a question. And then we also saw how in their desperation, the Prime Minister himself accused Dr Manmohan Singh of complete blatant falsehood and a lie.

The Congress on Saturday alleged that the 2G case was a "conspiracy" wherein an entire campaign of "insinuations and calumny" was systematically built to tarnish the UPA government, and sought an apology from the BJP. The scriptwriter of the story was former CAG Vinod Rai and the director, producer, propaganda chairman and secretaries were BJP leaders. The whole architecture of the BJP is about lies. Mr Modi, Mr Jaitley and the BJP leadership should come forward to own up their sinister maligning machinations and apologize to the nation, " the CWC said. We do not prescribe anything for any other political party leaders. His mother and predecessor Sonia Gandhi was also present at the meeting taking place here.

"One thing very clearly emerges that even all the other CAG reports, which were tabled during the tenure of Vinod Rai were figments of imagination, were specifically created to vitiate the atmosphere and they need to be consigned to the dustbin of history", he said. Former prime minister Singh raised the issue of the challenges ahead for the party.