British woman Laura Plummer jailed in Egypt for carrying painkillers


The 33-year-old from Hull was arrested as she arrived in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada in October, but was jailed on Boxing Day.

"We're just hoping. Even half of that would be better - anything less than three years".

Plummer was arrested on arrival from Britain in October, and her detention was extended twice prior to her court appearance.

Her family were not in court this morning.

Misunderstanding the question, she replied "yes" and the judge then instructed the session clerk to record that she had confessed.

Plummers sister Rachel said her mother Roberta Sinclair was "devastated" by the sentence, the report said. She will probably be dead if she has to stay in there for three years. "Just an absolute nightmare".

Plummer had claimed the painkiller, legal in the United Kingdom but banned in Egypt, was for her Egyptian partner, to treat his back pain.

However, as a class C drug, it is only available when prescribed by a doctor or other healthcare professional and it is illegal for anyone else to supply it.

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Her mum, Roberta Sinclair, says her daughter made no attempt to hide the medicine and thought it was a joke when she was first pulled over by officials.

Laura Plummer, 33, could face the death sentence if she is found guilty of the charges leveled against her.

Ms Plummer's local MP, Karl Turner, admitted the result could have been much worse, but still described it as "devastating". She's not been well lately, she's sleep deprived and she's been very anxious.

Mr Turner also urged Egyptian authorities to "think very hard about what this means to people in the United Kingdom who are considering travelling (there)".

Her family have insisted she has been treated fairly by the Egyptian justice system, which will today decide whether to postpone her hearing or accept a bail offer.

"She's faithful to Omar".

Laura's family say she has already suffered vicious beatings at the hands of fellow inmates because she is foreign.