Mariah Carey New Year's Eve Performance Sound Check Mandatory


Mariah Carey is getting a high-profile do-over.

Mariah Carey is in Aspen with BF Brian Tanaka, but she'll be leaving for The Big Apple the next day ready to prep for round 2 of Dick Clark's Rocin' New Year's Eve. and this time there's a plan to avert disaster.

Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy weighed in on Mariah Carey's return to perform on New Year's Eve after her disastrous performance last year. That was followed by her trying and then giving up on lip syncing to "We Belong Together".

It happens to the best of us: one moment you're jetting into NY from Aspen to perform at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, and the next you're fumbling with your inner-ear mic and looking generally peeved in front of millions of people. "See you in Times Square!"

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"I give her tremendous credit for saying, 'I'm coming back. I'm going on the same stage at the exact same moment before the ball drops in front of tens of millions of people". "I know I need about 40 of them".

We're told this time around. sound will be fully check by Mariah. But it also led to a public spat between the best-selling singer and Dick Clark Productions as to who was at fault, with Carey's camp charging sabotage with technical glitches, including faulty ear piece, and Dick Clark Productions denying the claims and charging she hadn't rehearsed enough.

In 2018, the 21-year-old singer/actress will tour with Charlie Puth starting in July, and that December, her movie Bumblebee, a Transformers spinoff, will hit theaters.