Google announces Google Pay to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet


Google, in all its infinite wisdom, is yet to come up with a single, unified platform for payments.

Google's launched a lot of digital payment platforms over the years, what with Google Wallet, Android Pay and Pay with Google. "We look forward to working with Google as they grow this exciting new payment platform".

More information about Google Pay can be found over here. That's not all, as entering the promo code "GooglePay2018" at the Fandango app checkout until January 18 and completing a movie ticket purchase using Google Pay will net you a cool $5 discount. Companies from Airbnb to HungryHouse are in the process of implementing the new brand, so you'll likely see it pop up at more sites and retailers over the coming weeks. That being the case, if Google already has your payment info, you'll be able to purchase goods and services with a simple click, similar to the Apple Pay feature on the iPhone.

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Existing users of both services will be able to "speed through checkout with peace of mind", according to a January 8 announcement, by making it easier for them to use payment information saved on their Google Account. Now, it has been rebranded for the third time, as Google Pay - a branding Google (and we) hopes sticks.

According to Google, a unified "Google Pay" option is already starting to appear on websites, in apps, and even in stores.

How often do you use Google's payment service?