IDF Demolishes Another Hamas Terror Tunnel


Israeli authorities said the tunnel extended nearly 600 feet into Israeli territory and was built exclusively with the aim of executing terror attacks against Israelis.

On Saturday night the IDF announced it would be closing the Kerem Shalom crossing after an assessment of the current security situation, but did not provide further details. Gen. Yoav Mordechai said that "the Israeli genius along with the Jewish brain have come up with a solution to all of the terrorists' tunnels".

This is the third tunnel the IDF says it has destroyed in two months.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said that on Sunday morning that a Hamas terrorist tunnel that penetrated Israeli territory under the Kerem Shalom crossing had been destroyed. "Hamas needs to understand that these attacks will continue".

Hamas initially said a typical smuggling tunnel was destroyed, but had no immediate response to the Israeli announcement.

The IDF destroyed the tunnel on Saturday night, describing its running under the border crossing as both "cynical" and "absurd". We are responding to aggression against the State of Israel and are taking vigorous and systematic action against hostile infrastructures.

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Speaking from India, Netanyahu commented on the significance of the operation.

As the tunnel entered Egyptian territory, the army was in contact with Cairo about its destruction, Conricus said, but would not elaborate on the extent of the cooperation. Our message to the Gazan leadership and residents of the strip is clear: "invest in the sanctity of life and not in death tunnels".

The IDF Spokesman's Office points out that in 2017, hundreds of trucks passed into Gaza via Kerem Shalom nearly daily, bringing a total of 570,000 tons of food, 7,044 tons of medical equipment, 10,000 tons of electrical equipment, 15,000 tons of textiles and equipment, 3.3 million tons of building materials and 12000 tons of farming/agriculture equipment.

IDF forces are believed to have destroyed four terror tunnels since late October, targeting one in October, one in December, and two in January.

Protective Edge was a 51-day military campaign in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, during which Israel killed at least 2,251 people in Gaza, mainly civilians, according to the United Nations figures.