White House attacks WSJ over Trump interview


Trump claimed that the Wall Street Journal "falsely" quoted his claim to have a relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He said he would only hold a bilateral summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un under the appropriate conditions and if positive results can be guaranteed.

After Kim asserted that he had a nuclear button at the ready, Trump last week dismissed the taunt by saying in a tweet that the USA button at his disposal was bigger and more powerful.

"And they knew exactly what I said and meant". "We want to always remind them we can destroy you too, so be very cautious and careful with your words and what you do".

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders condemned The Wall Street Journal report as "fake news" and released the White House's own audio from the interview, which cuts off just before Trump seems to start saying, "I would".

The White House is disputing a quote by Trump in an interview published Thursday by the Wall Street Journal. I have relationships with people. FAKE NEWS!' Trump said.

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The WSJ released the transcript of the interview along with the disputed audio, in a bid to clarify the matter.

The White House accused the Wall Street Journal of misquoting President Donald Trump. "But I just don't...", Trump responds. They don't even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong", Trump re-tweeted."They promote the Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information. "Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters", he tweeted. But I'll tell you, you know, when you talk about driving a wedge, we also have a thing called trade.

Mr. Trump: I don't want to comment on it-I don't want to comment, I'm not saying I have or I haven't.

The president had previously dismissed the idea of direct talks with North Korea, tweeting in October that negotiations with the country were a waste of time.