Google Arts & Culture's art selfies are bringing fun back to the internet


Though the feature is officially restricted to USA only for now, that hasn't stopped people from other countries for accessing the Google Arts & Culture app's latest feature and posting their own "selfie doppelganger".

As it turns out, all those photos are from a Google app that's over a year old: It's called the Google Arts & Culture app, and it's free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Do not open the app before the next step. One of these is the Twitter user catland rose dewitt bukater, who wrote that she was upset about the fact that the app was not available in Chicago.

Did you download the app with the hopes of finding your long lost art twin?

"Take a selfie and discover if your portrait is in a museum", the app's description says of its "Is your portrait in a museum?" project. It was not until last weekend that Google Arts & Culture started being downloaded and talked about en masse, courtesy a new update.

Though the viral new feature is restricted to the USA, it can be accessed through VPNs in other regions as well.

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The latest addition to the Google Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS enables users to match their selfies with famous portraits from global museum galleries.

In all seriousness, the processing time is minimal and there's a hilarious moment of suspense as you wait for the app to tell you which art work your face most closely resembles.

Scroll through four options to see which is the best match, then find out more about the painting title, artist, and where it now hangs on display.

Get the app, and scroll down to find the "Is your face in a museum?" project. The app would need access to the front camera to click a photo.

I opened the menu on the left, which is full of stuff but doesn't have a "take selfie" option. Users can share the results on social media - something that has contributed significantly to the app's virality.